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RSF calls for worker solidarity

Statement by the Vice President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton

IN A statement the Vice President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton said that the solidarity of workers was essential if the ongoing attacks on their right’s pay and conditions was to be resisted.

“The Dublin port Dockers at Marine Terminals, the Coca Cola workers and Green Isle workers are but the latest examples - following on the Thomas Cooke workers in August – of this war which is being waged under the cover of the present economic recession on the rights and pay of working people in Ireland and internationally. Strong cohernent and decisive leadership is required from the union leadership backed up by unified action and solidarity on the ground.

“The employers backed by the state are determined to use this recession to create an environment in which they can exploit workers with impunity and roll back the hard fought gains secured over the last 100 years of Trade Union struggle. Working people are being sacrificed now to bail out the bosses and the bankers.

Republican Sinn Féin calls for active support for striking workers and will also be taking part in the Anti-Nama march on Saturday (September 19).” Des Dalton said.

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