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What price the British bailout of Ireland

“The price to be paid by the 26-County State for the British ‘bailout’ has eventually surfaced,” said, Josephine Hayden, PRO of Republican Sinn Féin for Leinster.

It was announced on May 14 that up to 120 members of the “London Metropolitan Police's royalty protection force armed with Glock pistols and Heckler & Koch submachine guns will join Gardaí” to operate in Dublin and Cork (at least) “to protect” the British Queen on her visit from May 17-20 -- “permission granted without hesitation” by the 26-County Administration.

The statement continued: “The visit by the Queen has been flagged as if it were the most normal visit in the world, yet the abnormality of the security measures in force give lie to that.

“Within the last month two state visits have taken place by other countries to the 26-Counties (itself an abnormal state) without a single person being inconvenienced or a street blocked off. That was normality. From May 17 to 20 what will pertain will be abnormality with Dublin city center as a ring of steel encircles Dublin.

“As long as there are British troops on Irish streets, as long as British rule is administered by Stormont and as long as British police (RUC/PSNI) patrol, harass, intimidate and arrest Republicans, resistance is our duty,” said Josephine Hayden.

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