Cill Dara Shinn Féin Poblachtach

Easter Commemorations

Easter Saturday, Wreath-laying ceremony at the Grave of Tony Ruane, Carlow Cemetery, 3:30pm.

Easter Sunday
, the Republican Plot, Grey Abbey Cemetery, Kildare town, 12 noon.

Easter Monday, Wreath-laying ceremony at Republican Plot, St Corban's Cemetery, Naas at 12 noon.

Wreaths will be laid throughout the county.

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Green Isle dispute settled

A hunger strike at a frozen food factory in Co Kildare has been called off after workers reached a financial settlement with their employers. Three workers who went on hunger strike after a dispute at the Green Isle Foods factory in Naas, Co Kildare, agreed to cease their fasts after compensation was agreed for three workers who were sacked last summer.

Jim Wyse, shop steward at the plant, had been surviving on water and salt for 15 days and he was joined by former Offaly footballer John Guinan last week. On March 3, John Recto from the Philippines, who was one of the men sacked, also joined the hunger strike.

The three men voted on March 3, along with other Technical Engineering and Electrical Union (TEEU) workers to accept an agreement brokered through independent mediators in the last few days.

“The agreement will be implemented and, accordingly, all forms of industrial action and other activity will cease with immediate effect,” a joint statement said. It said both parties were bound by confidentiality under the terms of the mediation agreement. The statement acknowledged the efforts involved in reaching the agreement.

John Recto, who has been living here for eight years, has been left in an unsure position. When he tried to renew his work visa recently he was called to a Garda station. His and his wife’s immigration cards were confiscated.

John Recto deportation – please lobby your TDs and councilors

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions and the TEEU are making representations on behalf of John Recto and his family to stop their deportation. John was the third man to join the Green Isle Foods hunger strike. He has worked at the Naas plant for eight years.

His family joined him in Naas from the Philippines five years ago. His two oldest children grew up in Ireland and his youngest child was born here. They now face deportation because his work visa has not been renewed. If the Labour Court Recommendation on the dispute had been accepted by the company he would not be in this situation.

Please lobby your local TDs and councilors on his behalf. If John Recto and his family are deported it will send out a message to all non-EU workers in Ireland not to join a union, or stand by their colleagues in a dispute.

Contact: Padraig Yeates, PYE Comm, 087 260 5297

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Green Isle dispute is battle in economic war

Statement by the President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton

During a visit to the striking Green Isle workers in Naas Co Kildare on February 26 -where he met with the two hunger striking workers Jim Wells and John Guinan (February 26)- the Kildare based President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton pledged the strikers the continued support of Republican Sinn Féin and repeated his call for a boycott of all Green Isle products while the dispute continues.

“The fact that this strike has lasted so long is an indictment not just of Green Isle but of the so-called labour laws which we are told protect workers. As in this case employers have been given licence to treat workers, as they will let rulings of the Labour Court without any consequences for them. If workers were to take a similar course they would soon find the forces of the state including the courts arrayed against both them and their union.

“The Green Isle workers need practical support and a boycott of Green Isle products would put immediate pressure on the company.

“Support for the march in Naas today (February 27) is essential in upping the ante on a company, which has shown only contempt for the rights of their workers. It is time for working people to take to the streets in what is an important battle in an economic war. An injury to one is the concern of all.” Des Dalton said.

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