Cill Dara Shinn Féin Poblachtach

Cill Dara Easter 2010 Report

Republican Sinn Fein, Kildare had a very successful Easter commemoration on saturday. Wreathes were laid throughout the county at the graves of our patriot dead. On Easter sunday the main commemoration was held in Grey Abbey, Kildare Town. It was chaired by Matt Conway, who welcomed everyone. He then called on Paddy Tidd, of the Frank Driver cumann to read the proclamation. Kitty Hawkins recited a decade of the rosary and a wreath was laid on behalf of RSF Kildare. The statement from the leadership was read by Cilla Conway, a statement from the pows in Mahgaberry and Portlaoise was read by Sinon Cahill. The Oration was given by Shane O' Toole, He gave the history of the men buried in the graveyard and reminded us the seven men were excuted by the freestaters in the biggest offical execution of the civil war. Shane said these men were executed for refusing to accept partition. Just as we do today, and saluted these brave men. We want to send greetings and support to the Continuity pows in Mahgaberry and Portlaoise jails who are imprisoned for thier beliefs. The same beliefs the the men of 1916 were executed for. In the last year resistance to brit rule in the occupied six counties has steped up a gear, with attacks against the forces of occupation and long may this continue. We have also seen an increase in the harrasment of republicans, both here in the 26 counties and in the occupied 6 counties. We want to send a cyrstal clear message to the brits, ruc and 26 county special branch that no amount of harrasment or intimidation will stop us in persuing our goals of a 32 county democratic socialist republic. Just as the men and women of 1916 fought and died for. British actions only strenthen our resolve. Adams, McGuinness and the rest of the provo puppets have now become part and parcel of the brit war machine. The administer brit rule through stormount. They have signed up to policing and justice ,thats british policing and justices and we all know about british justice. They are openly asking the nationialist people to inform on true republicans who are keeping alive the struggle for Irish freedom. They brand us as crimanals and traitors, Though it's very clear it is you, martin and gerry who are the traitors.

Pearce, Connolly and indeed all of the men and women of 1916, Bobby Sands and his nine brave comrades did not give thier lives so that Martin and Gerry could administer brit rule through stormount. These men, Our patriot dead will be turning in there graves. The provos have now gone full circle , and men like Ruari O Bradaigh, Matt Conway and Daithi O Connell to name a few, could see this happening And we salute you for insuring that the patiotic flame for Irish freedom still burns brightly today. We in Republican Sinn Fein are the true Sinn Fein, the ones who took all of the republican ideals and stuck with them. We are the true inheritors of republicism and were here to stay. The war against the brits can and must continue until the brits realise they have no future role to play here, only to leave. It's up to us this generation to honour our Patriot dead and finish the job. so many have given ther lives to achieve a 32 county socialist republic based on the 1916 proclamation, but until that day we must be prepared to take the fight to the brits. Not a bullet, not an ounce will they ever get from us. It's our duty as republicans to continue the fight until full freedom has been achieved. Our position is very clear as long as there is a british presence in Ireland there will be resistance to it, Ireland unfree shall never be at peace. Continuity not compomise. Tiocfaidh ar la.

Matt Conway ended the proceedings by thanking all who attended.

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Fantastic post! But you might just want to try having the cork city walks, it would be really interesting!

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