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British and 26-County States target Republican Sinn Féin

The arrest and charging of the President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton and Vice President Fergal Moore in Lurgan, with participation in a protest march on July 6 is clearly the latest in a campaign to silence Republican Sinn Féin by both the British and 26-County States.

The march in Lurgan, organised by Republican Sinn Féin on January 23, was held as part of campaign calling for the release of veteran Republican Martin Corey – interned without trial since April 2010 - as well as to protest at the non-implementation of the August 12, 2010 Agreement in Maghaberry Prison.

On February 16 the RUC/PSNI issued a letter to the President of Republican Sinn Féin accusing him of participating in an “illegal march” in Lurgan on January 23.

In May Republican Sinn Féin Ard Chomhairle member Cait Trainor (Armagh), along with a member of the Thomas Harte Cumann in Lurgan Sean Maloney, was arrested and charged with a political interview given to Channel Four News in September 2010

During the protests in Dublin against the visit by the Queen of England in May the Secretary of Dublin Comhairle Ceantair Diarmuid Ó Dúbhghlais and another member of Republican Sinn Féin, were arrested solely for their participation in the protests. Diarmuid Ó Dúbhghlais was pictured by the media holding aloft the National Flag at the time of his arrest.

On June 30 the home of the newly appointed National Publicity Officer of Republican Sinn Féin Geraldine McNamara in Tipperary was raided by the 26-County Special Branch who refused to let her read the search warrant and her mobile phones were taken. Again this was act intended to silence and intimidate Republican Sinn Féin members and supporters.

The pattern of harassment continued with the arrest of the organisation’s President and Vice President on July 6. The opposition of the RUC/PSNI and the Public Prosecution Services (PPS) to bail for both men was clearly an attempt to intern Des Dalton and Fergal Moore by remand.

On July 8 Cáit Trainor was once again arrested at her home in Armagh and charged with breaking her bail conditions, with attending the picket on Lurgan RUC station on the night of Des Dalton’s arrest. She was taken straight to Craigavon courthouse

It is evident that the undiluted message of revolutionary Irish Republicanism delivered by Republican Sinn Féin is feared by Westminster, Stormont and Leinster House. It is a message and a cause whose roots lie deep within the hearts of Irish people. The age-old tactic, of locking up the messenger and silencing the message and the very idea of Irish freedom, has failed in the past and history teaches us will fail again today and in the future.

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