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Fight against the privatisation of water and the introduction of water meters

Geraldine McNamara PRO of Republican Sinn Féin stated on April 17 that the decision by Leinster House representative Phil Hogan to hand over the water supply services to an Board Gáis is an absolute disgrace. This new company is to be known as Irish Water and is to supply water to householders in the 26 Counties.

“It beggar’s belief that the state can remove itself from the responsibility of supplying clean water to its people; clean water is a basic human right and should not be privatised,” Geraldine said.

“Since the collapse of the banking system, the 26-County administration is doing everything to support the bank bailout and is doing this to the determent of the most vulnerable in society. People are being told that on top of water charges they are going to have to pay to have water meters installed at a total charge of nearly €800. This, we are told, will be part of the standing charge and then we will have to pay for every drop of water used.

“This scheme should be resisted with even more gusto than the household tax and is another household charge.

“During the Celtic tiger years local councils were still deprived of finance to upgrade and repair water supply pipes and reservoirs. New housing estates were built with no thought as to the burden on existing water and sewage networks, now when there is a risk of drought here due to low rainfall Phil Hogan is taking advantage of people’s fears to transfer the public water supply into private hands at enormous cost to every individual in the state”.

Geraldine McNamara concluded: “We must fight against this backhanded scheme and keep our water supplied by local councils. Phil Hogan is using the water meter charge to distract people from the point that the supply will be privatised and that water will no longer be supplied free to all in society”.

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