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RSF support Maura Harrington!

Jailing of Maura Harrington is an indictment of state
Statement by Des Dalton Vice President of Republican Sinn Féin

THE imprisonment of Maura Harrington for 28 days is a shameful indictment of the political culture of the 26-County state. Maura Harrington has been imprisoned because of her fearless defence of the Irish people’s right to the ownership of their own natural resources, whilst those who have robbed and profited at the expense of the people escape with impunity and in many cases are rewarded from public monies.

Maura Harrington’s imprisonment illustrates all that is wrong with modern Ireland and the political and economic system which underpin it. The 26-County state and its institutions have once more closed ranks to punish a woman whose ‘crime’ is to adhere faithfully to the 1916 Proclamation’s declaration of “the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland”.

The direction of the judge that Maura Harrington “undergo psychiatric assessment” is reminiscent of the methods employed by totalitarian regimes the world over to suppress political dissent.

Republican Sinn Féin extends our solidarity to Maura Harrington and the Shell to Sea campaign and we pledge our continued and active support.

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