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‘Time for unity of purpose’

Statement by Des Dalton Vice President of Republican Sinn Féin

People should not fall into the trap set by the 26-County administration following the announcement of their latest budget. People must not allow themselves to be divided. Public sector worker should not be set against private sector, employed versus unemployed or old versus young. People must not be diverted from the real issue or fooled by false argument. Now is a time for unity of purpose not division.

The Dublin administration is attempting to shore up the present failed neo-liberal economic system at the expense of families, workers, students the elderly and the unemployed. In short what we are witnessing is the political class attempting to shore up the discredited economic model which they have championed in the interest of a privileged few regardless of the human cost.

Workers who are engaged in a struggle to save jobs – in many cases enduring cuts in pay in order to do so – are now being squeezed by both employers and the state.

New thinking on a national and international level is the only answer to the economic collapse. Accepting that the free market capitalist system has failed we can begin to create an economic system which serves people as opposed to the other war round. The programme for real economic democracy as set out in our social and economic programme SAOL NUA has never been more relevant and provides a basis on which to bring about the kind of radical social and economic change which is needed. Let us not be divided, blinded or fooled, what the state class and the vested interests they protest fear most is people uniting to replace their corrupt and bankrupted system with a New Ireland worthy of the vision of those who drafted the 1916 proclamation.

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