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Statement from POW Department of Republican Sinn Féin

The POW Department of Republican Sinn Féin welcomed the announcement on August 12, 2010 that the protest at Maghaberry jail by the Republican POWs in Roe House was finally over. The conditions that brought about the protest got worse as the protest escalated and the men endured a dreadful few months since they occupied the canteen on Easter Sunday last. This was the result of many years of campaigning for the restoration of political status signed away in 1998.

The POWs showed courage and resilience in their stand against the criminalisation policy of the British government and the petty vindictiveness of the screws. They endured more than any prisoner should be expected or asked to endure and they emerged victorious!

The politicians in Stormont were as unhelpful as the British government they work for. Having signed away political status they went on to implement British policy with vigour at the expense of the Republican prisoners. But the prisoners, like James Connolly, believed that Britain never had any right nor will ever have any right in Ireland and so like many before them had to do, they fought a hard fight to be recognised as political status.

Republican Sinn Féin would like to thank all those people who worked so hard on the outside to bring about this resolution. We thank the families, relatives, friends, comrades and ex-POWS, and supporters who ‘pounded the pavements’ over the years as they campaigned for the political status the men were entitled to. They never lost faith and their hard work is now rewarded. To the families who endured many years of harassment and humiliation a special word of praise. Week after week, in hail, rain, snow and sunshine they visited Maghaberry jail and put up with whatever was thrown at them: hostility, the drugs dog, refusal of visits etc.

And we thank the facilitators who over the last few weeks put in such an effort which was eventually so successful. They gave of their time willingly and we appreciate the amount of effort they put in.

And finally we thank the prisoners themselves for having faith in us to work with and for them. You have shown the world what you are capable of. You took on the British establishment, you never gave in, you saw it through to the end.

Echoing the sentiments expressed by our President Des Dalton WE SALUTE THE PRISONERS!

For confirmation:
Josephine Hayden

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