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Republican Sinn Féin, Comhairle Laighean, call for the rejection of the Austerity Treaty

Republican Sinn Féin is calling on the 26-County electorate to vigorously reject the further integration of the Ireland into the undemocratic European super-state. The upcoming vote on the fiscal integration of the European economic area is not to be mistaken as a genuine attempt to solve the economic woes of this state. This system of undiluted capitalism that has caused the economic crash in recent times and which is responsible for the serious and fundamentally inhumane cutbacks are in effect a conspiracy to rob the Irish people of whatever remains of the sovereignty this state once had.

The argument of the pro-Treaty side is the usual lies we have become accustomed to. Threats that the 26-County State’s economy will not recover and that we will face even more unemployment and cutbacks if a rejection is the outcome is the lowest form of political deceit. Consistently the establishment parties have been proven wrong in their analysis. Stability will only be achieved when a clean break is made from the failed financial system that has stolen the sovereignty of the people and left them in a depressed state of political isolation and irrelevance. Since membership of the EU we have slowly over a long drawn out period of time been coaxed into conceding more and more sovereignty to the European elite. If we vote Yes to this treaty our elected representatives will have little or no say in Irish budgets, we will be at the mercy of the bureaucratic elite, austerity will be enshrined, poverty will be guaranteed for thousands throughout the state and the people will remain the economic slaves to a financial and European elite.

In 2008 when our political representatives so slavishly gave away our futures and the futures of our children to bail out unknown private financiers to the amount of billions with tax payers money Iceland was in a worse position than us. Did they bailout the banks at the cost of the welfare of their nation? No! They took the morally correct and courageous decision to let the private banks fail. Because they had their own currency they were able to devalue it by up to 50%. This allowed them to export their way back to growth, they now have a larger debt to GDP ratio and this has given Icelandic bonds investment grade status. Irish bonds on the other hand have junk status because we give away all the nations wealth to private bankers and unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

The people of the 26-County State are in a tug of war with the European and Corporate elite, it is a tug of war not just for the economic control of the state but for vast wealth of resources we have at our disposal. If we allow them to enslave our so-called political leaders then control of our resources and economy will be lost. Take Ireland’s side in this war against Neo-Imperialism and Vote No on May 31st. Victory in this referendum is only the first step on the road to reclaiming our nation’s sovereignty but let us face the challenge and go about re-establishing the All-Ireland Republic that in the words of James Connolly must serve as “a republic that would be a beacon-light to the oppressed of every land.”

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