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EU state comes closer to fruition

REPUBLICAN Sinn Féin congratulates the 33% of the electorate in the 26-Counties who refused to be bought by the outright lies of the “Yes” side in the repeat Lisbon referendum.

Once again the 26-County state has shown that by ignoring the will of its people they can achieve their desired outcome. Furthermore, on this occasion, campaigners for a “No” vote were denied equal coverage in the media. This was coupled with advertisements from the Referendum Commission which were clearly favourable to the “Yes” side. Despite widespread criticism of the Iranian Presidential election, a compliant media is prepared to ignore coercion of voters by the EU and its subordinates.

EU Commission President Barroso previously described the EU as an “Empire”, and it is clear that without intervention all Nations within the EU are set to become stateless.

Great responsibility lies with Czech President Vaclav Klaus to ensure that this does not happen. He must defend the voiceless throughout the EU and refuse to sign this death-warrant for nation-states.

It should also be noted that Brian Lenihan has admitted that talk of job-creation and economic recovery in the event of a “Yes” vote was a lie. And despite claims that it was in the interests of democracy to allow voters to change their mind, there is no suggestion that they will again be allowed to adjudicate on the EU Constitution under the guise of the Lisbon Treaty.

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