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Lisbon result: 'More power to Brussels, less in Ireland' -- Ó Brádaigh

Statement from Ruairí Ó Brádaigh, President, Republican Sinn Féin

The result of the Lisbon referendum in the 26 Counties makes for further integration into the EU, that is more power to Brussels and less power in Ireland.

The current economic recession was harnessed by the Yes advocates to stir up the fears of the people. Massive resources were deployed at home and abroad and false promises made of "jobs" and "recovery" by simply voting Yes.

The reason for such a massive swing in sixteen months towards the Yes side was the fear about the economy and the doubling of unemployment since the last Lisbon referendum.

A major contributory factor to the boom and the corruption which accompanied it was the ceding of control of interest rate policies to the WU.

The entire print media were unashamedly pro-Treaty in a vote which was not about EU membership. Will those who promoted Yes not deliver on their promises of jobs and recovery and will the compliant media hold them to their commitments?

I wish to express gratitude to all Republican Sinn Féin members and supporters who worked hard to oppose this tightening of the EU grip on Ireland.

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