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RSF Criticise Proposed Welfare Cuts in 26-Counties

Suggestions that unemployment benefit in the 26-Counties could be halved for those aged twenty-four years and under has been criticised by Republican Sinn Féin.

A spokesman said that despite claims that those taking up training programmes will be able to retain their full benefit, it is inconceivable that sufficient places would be available.

“Mary Hanafin has said that some of those who take up education and training programmes may be able to retain the full rate of benefit. However, it is clear that insufficient courses will be made available, and that those completing them will have little prospect of gaining employment as a result due to the current economic climate.

“Ms. Hanafin has also ruled out the reinstatement of the Christmas Bonus which was taken from those reliant on benefits in the latest budget. Moreover there are to be cuts in Child Benefit.

“Out of €4 million in cutbacks, €1.3 million are to target the most vulnerable in society who rely on social welfare benefits.

“Whilst the State bails out wealthy bankers who caused the recession many will question why it is only the poor who are targeted by cutbacks.”

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