Cill Dara Shinn Féin Poblachtach

The second Lisbon referendum in Ireland

Tuesday, 8th September 2009, 7pm
1090 Vienna, Kolpinghaus Alsergrund
Liechtensteinstraße (U4/U6 Spittelau, Linie D, 38 und U6 Nußdorferstraße)

Des Dalton, Kildare (Ireland)
(Vice-President Republican Sinn Féin)

• The No-Campaign in Ireland

Univ. Prof. Dr. Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider, Nürnberg (Germany)

• What do the „Irish Guarantees“ really mean?
• Are there any consequences of the judgment of the German Federal Constitutional Court?

Dr. Eva Maria Barki, Vienna (Austria)
(Solicitor, Expert in Nationality and Ethnic Law)

• On the right to self-determination

Presentation: Inge Rauscher

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National demonstration - people power to stop the cuts

A NATIONAL demonstration has been called for Saturday, September 19 by the United Alliance Against Cuts to protest against a massive bail-out of the banks, while at the same time jobs, wages and the vital public services on which we depend are being savaged with cuts.

Assemble 1pm, Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square, Dublin. Bring pots and pans to make noise.

The United Alliance Against Cuts said on August 27: “Enough is enough! We need a huge display of people power to protest against a massive bail out of the banks, while at the same time jobs, wages and the vital public services on which we depend are being savaged with cuts.

“Following the Bord Snip report, the government is planning to impose up to €5 billion worth of brutal cutbacks on workers, the poor and the most vulnerable in our society.

“Meanwhile, the government is re-calling the Dail early in September to push through a further massive bailout of the banks, which will cost us all an estimated €60 billion or more.

“Bord Snip’s proposals include: a further cut of €1.8 billion in social welfare, €1.2 billion cut in health spending, €746 million worth of cuts in education. The cuts will mean the slashing of thousands of jobs in health and education, including special needs teachers, increased class sizes and school closures, hikes in hospital charges, cuts in child benefit, cuts in basic social welfare payments, cuts in CE jobs, the re-introduction of water charges, property taxes and student fees and much more.

“It is a form of economic madness that is making the recession worse.

“Slashing jobs and incomes for ordinary people will mean they have less to spend, leading to even more job-losses and a massive increase in the social welfare bill.

“The vast majority of ordinary people gained little from the so-called “Celtic Tiger” and cannot afford to take any more pain.

“The government has ignored the voice of the people during the last elections. We have no option now but to take to streets now in large numbers to demand a change of course or force this government out of office altogether.

“We must say:

*No to NAMA – Bail out jobs and services not bakers and developers

*No cuts in health, education, social welfare and vital public & community services.

*Invest public resources in jobs, public services and public enterprise.

*Tax the super-wealthy elite - slash the salaries of politicians, top civil servants and corporate bosses.

*Defend jobs, pay, conditions and pensions for all low and average paid workers.

“We need to unite workers, students, pensioners, unemployed and local communities across the country to demand that those who created this crisis pay to clean it up. Only a massive movement of people power can ensure this happens.

“Join the demonstration on Saturday, September 19. Bring your family, friends, workmates and neighbours & bring pots and pans to make maximum noise.”

Annual hunger strike march in Bundoran

THE 1981 H-Block Martyrs Committee of Bundoran/Ballyshannon announced that the annual Hunger Strike Commemoration march will take place on Saturday, August 29 at 3pm, assembling at the East End of Bundoran, Co. Donegal. Guests of Honour are the families of the martyred Hunger Strikers.

This year's speakers are Galway County Councillor Tomás Ó Curraoin; ex-POW Stephen Daly from County Tyrone; Cáit Trainor from County Armagh and Bob Loughman of the Emerald Society Police Band in New York.

In a statement the organisers said that: "This year we will be focusing our attention particularly on the alarming situation in the Six Counties where internment by remand has increasingly become a tool of the Crown to silence their opponents. However, we in Bundoran shall not be silenced. We shall continue to herald the true Republican message from the platform.

"There are still Republican prisoners and always will be so long as the British presence remains in Ireland."
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No to Lisbon!

Republican Sinn Féin to campaign for No to Lisbon

VICE President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton issued a statement on August 20 calling for a No vote in the re-run of the Lisbon Treaty.

“Despite their rejection of the Lisbon Treaty in a referendum in June 2008 a second referendum is being foisted on the people of the 26 Counties. On Friday October 2 the people will be asked to vote again on the same Treaty they said NO to last year.

“Republican Sinn Féin will again actively campaign for the rejection of the Lisbon Treaty. Based on the platform of defending democracy, sovereignty and neutrality..

“Republican Sinn Féin takes as our touchstone the democratic principles of the 1916
Proclamation and we view the idea of a militarised and undemocratic EU States of Europe as a subversion of those principles. Stand up for the rights of workers, oppose EU militarisation and imperialism vote No to Lisbon II”.
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Vote No to Lisbon!

REPUBLICAN Sinn Féin calls on the people of Ireland to Vote No in October to the second Lisbon Treaty, according to a statement issued by Peter Fitzsimons, PRO Comhairle Laighean.

He continued: “In 2008 the Irish people voted against the Lisbon Treaty, and expressed their wishes at the ballot box.

“In return Fianna Fáil ignored the wishes of the Irish people, and used the economic slump as a scare tactic to get the Yes vote that Europe is looking for.

“There is no change to this original treaty, which if passed will have a direct effect on Irelands democracy, neutrality and sovereignty.

“Republican Sinn Féin calls on the people of Ireland to Vote No in October. The Irish people have made their decision and it must remain that way”, he concluded.
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"We of Republican Sinn Féin are the nucleus, which represents what Emmet represented,
the soul of Ireland,the prophetic shock minority, those who are neither purchased nor intimidated."

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