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Sympathy extended to Ó Brádaigh family

Ó Brádaigh bereaved

The former President of Republican Sinn Féin, Ruairí Ó Brádaigh has been bereaved by the sudden death of his granddaughter Sadhbh Ní Bhrádaigh (18), a first-year student at NUI Galway. She became ill on Christmas Day and died the next day, it is believed of meningitis. Her funeral will take place after 11 o'clock Mass in Oranmore, Galway on Wednesday, December 30.

Statement by Des Dalton President of Republican Sinn Féin:

Republican Sinn Féin extends deepest sympathy to our Patron and former President Ruairí Ó Brádaigh on the tragic death of his granddaughter Sadhbh on December 26.

It is impossible to adequately frame words of condolence at such a time. However Irish Republicans will join with me in extending our sympathy and support to the Ó Brádaigh family on the cruel loss of their beloved Sadhbh. Ar dheis Dé go a hanam uasal.

Sadhbh Ní Bhrádaigh’s funeral mass will take place at 11.00am in Oranmore Church, Co Galway on Wednesday December 30.

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Greetings and solidarity to the 8th International Symposium Against Isolation in London

Republican Sinn Féin extends greetings and solidarity to the 8th International Symposium Against Isolation. The struggle against imperialism is international. It is not enough to oppose imperialism in one country without opposing it across the world.

In Ireland the struggle against British imperialism and the occupation of part of our country goes on. One front of that struggle is being waged within the walls of Maghaberry prison by the Republican prisoners in defence of their right to political status.

In supporting the campaign of the Irish Republican prisoners in Maghaberry we take this opportunity to salute all political prisoners who are engaged in struggle against imperialism – the common enemy of humanity. We face a common enemy but also share common goals.

The fight for political, social and economic freedom is the concern of all humanity.

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Naas Political Status picket

KILDARE Republican Sinn Féin will be holding a Political Status picket in support of the campaign of the Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry prison, Co Antrim. The prisoners are being denied their right to be treated as political prisoners by the British Government.

The picket will take place from 1.00pm to 3.00pm in Poplar Square, Naas, Co Kildare on Saturday December 19.

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Greetings and solidarity to conference in Italy

Information on the Conference in Florence: Irlanda del Nord, un conflitto dimenticato

On behalf of Republican Sinn Féin I thank Partito Comunista dei Lavoratori for the invitation to take part in this conference. As Irish Republicans we recognise that the ongoing struggle against British imperialism in Ireland is part of the international fight against imperialism. It is not enough to oppose imperialism - either political or economic - in one country unless you are prepared to oppose it internationally.

In Ireland our struggle for a free and independent 32-County Democratic Socialist Republic continues. The lesson of Irish history is that while British occupation of Ireland remains it will be met with resistance. This lesson has been borne this year. Support for our political prisoners - who are being denied their right to political status by the British government in the oppressive prison regime in Maghaberry prison in the Six Occupied Counties – is an area where international publicity and protest is very important.

The support we receive internationally for the struggle for Irish Freedom has always been highly valued. The work of our International Relations Bureau is a vital part of building a network of solidarity for the Irish struggle and Irish Republican solidarity with national liberation struggles throughout the world, such as the Basque Country, Brittany, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan etc.

We wish you every success with your conference and look forward to working with you in the future.

In Solidarity

Des Dalton

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Protest outside Maghaberry jail

Around sixty protesters attended the Republican Sinn Féin picket outside the maximum security Maghaberry Gaol in County Antrim on Saturday, November 28th. They marched to the gates of the gaol and declared their support for the Republican Prisoners of War held within the heavily fortified perimeter walls, and for the ideals which had resulted in their incarceration.

A large British colonial police presence surrounded the gaol and the roads leading to it. Protesters' cars were torn apart by the RUC and individuals searched. They maintained a presence outside the gates as well as within the outer gate of the gaol.

The so-called prison authorities (screws) were abusive to visitors and prevented them from leaving the gaol after their visits until such time as the protesters had departed. However visitors to Republican PoWs thanked those present for attending to show their support for their loved ones. Other relatives were forbidden to take their scheduled visits.

True Republicans will continue to fight for the prisoners, including further solidarity protests for the “Men Behind the Wire”.

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Republican Resistance Calendar 2010


The Republican Resistance Calendar 2010 is available for the price of € 5,- from one of the two Republican Sinn Féin Cumainn in Co. Kildare, the Kilcullen Cumann and the Frank Driver Cumann North Kildare, or contact RSF President Des Dalton from Athy:, 086-329 1809

The calendar can also be pruchased from one of the Republican Sinn Féin Offices in Ireland:

Republican Sinn Féin Head Office Dublin
223 Parnell Street, Dublin

Republican Sinn Féin Ulster Office Belfast
229 Falls Road, Belfast

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