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Kildare RSF support Green Isle workers

Kildare Republican Sinn Féin will be supporting the protest for the Green Isle workers being held in Naas on Saturday (October 31). In a statement Kildare based Vice President Des Dalton said that a war was being waged on working people throughout Ireland.

“A war is being waged on the workers of Ireland. Workers need to realise that the ‘race to the bottom’ in relation to wages, and the hard fought for terms and conditions effects every worker effects everyone. The spirit of the ‘Irish Ferries dispute’ needs to be revived, workers need to organise and be prepared to actively defend their rights in the workplace and if need be on the streets. The struggle of the Green Isle workers is the struggle of every working person. The old trade union slogan has never been more apt ‘an injury to one is the concern of all’” Des Dalton said.

Green Isle workers protest will assemble at Devoy Park, near Aras Cill Dara at 2.00pm on Saturday October 31.

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Kevin Barry Commemoration

Republican Sinn Féin will be holding its annual Kevin Barry commemoration in Rathvilly Co Carlow on Sunday November 8 at 3.00pm. Those taking part will assemble on the main street and parade to the Kevin Barry monument.

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British repression provokes resistance

The leopard does not change its spots and neither does the nature of British rule in Ireland. This was evidenced over the past weeks both in terms of its operation and the reaction of Irish people to it.

On September 17 three Co Armagh Republicans – Damien McKenna, Gary Toman and Seán McConville — were sentenced to 15 years each for possession of a mortar bomb which it was reported was for use against British forces in Ireland. The harsh sentences led to three days of resistance in Co Armagh over the weekend of September 18-20 and led to the closure of the Belfast –Dublin railway line. In both Lurgan and Craigavon Republican youth courageously took on the forces of the British Crown.

Over that same weekend the British colonial police launched ‘Operation Dissent” which was aimed at countering Irish Republican resistance. The draconian operation of mass roadblocks and searches across the Six Counties was timed to coincide with the arrival of the new head of the RUC/PSNI. Matt Baggott, replaced Hugh Orde on September 22.

The appointment of this man who as head of the Leicestershire Constabulary in England oversaw the introduction of plastic bullets in 2003 and last year championed the introduction of 90 day detention signals the intent of the British government and their satellite at Stormont to use whatever repressive measures required to prop-up British rule and the partition of Ireland.

The lesson of Irish history is that while there is a British occupation of Ireland it will be met with resistance. The events of September only serve to bear this out. Irish history is a cycle of armed resistance, followed by coercion and attempts constitutionally to square the circle of British rule and Irish democracy.

It is a circle which can never be squared because British rule denies the exercise of true All-Ireland democracy, namely the right of the people of Ireland acting as a unit to national self-determination.

The only way to break the cycle of Irish history is to end British rule in Ireland once and for all. A public British declaration of intent by the British government to withdraw from Ireland within a stated period would create the dynamic for all of the Irish people to build a New Ireland. ÉIRE NUA with its proposals for a real decentralisation of decision-making from provincial right down to regional and local level based on local majorities empowers all of the Irish people. Thus can be realised the historic demand for the ownership of Ireland by the people of Ireland.

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Independence of Credit Unions must be protected

Statement by the Vice President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton

The news that 26-County Finance Minister Brian Lenihan has ordered the Financial Regulator to carry out a review of the Credit Union sector should be a cause for concern. At a time when a clear and democratic alternative to the discredited and failed banking system is required more than ever the independence of the League of Credit Unions needs to be protected.

Credit Unions provide a valuable resource for working people and their communities, providing credit and lending facilities not provided by the conventional banks. The financial establishment and their friends have long resented the independence of the Credit Unions and now appear to be making a move on that independence under the guise of the present economic collapse.

The political establishment are intent on bailing out the corrupt and failed banks at the expense of this and future generations. They must not be allowed to also rob the people of an alternative and democratic banking system. Hands of our Credit Unions.

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RSF Criticise Proposed Welfare Cuts in 26-Counties

Suggestions that unemployment benefit in the 26-Counties could be halved for those aged twenty-four years and under has been criticised by Republican Sinn Féin.

A spokesman said that despite claims that those taking up training programmes will be able to retain their full benefit, it is inconceivable that sufficient places would be available.

“Mary Hanafin has said that some of those who take up education and training programmes may be able to retain the full rate of benefit. However, it is clear that insufficient courses will be made available, and that those completing them will have little prospect of gaining employment as a result due to the current economic climate.

“Ms. Hanafin has also ruled out the reinstatement of the Christmas Bonus which was taken from those reliant on benefits in the latest budget. Moreover there are to be cuts in Child Benefit.

“Out of €4 million in cutbacks, €1.3 million are to target the most vulnerable in society who rely on social welfare benefits.

“Whilst the State bails out wealthy bankers who caused the recession many will question why it is only the poor who are targeted by cutbacks.”

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RSF mourn the passing of a hero of the Cypriot independence struggle

Statement by the Vice President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton

In a statement the Vice President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton expressed the regret of Republicans in Ireland to the news of the recent death of Vias Livadas - a leading veteran of the Cypriot freedom struggle of the 1950s.

“The passing of Vias Livadas is mourned by Irish Republicans as the passing of a true friend and comrade in struggle. Over 50 years ago bonds of comradeship, solidarity and friendship were forged in British prisons between the revolutionaries of Cyprus and Ireland which have endured to the present day. Vias Livadas and his generation of Cypriots wrote a heroic chapter in their nation’s history resisting the British occupation of their country, a struggle which the Irish people could readily identify with.

In the foreword to his book Cypriot and Irish Political Prisoners telling the story of this amazing episode in revolutionary history, Vias Livadas summed up the importance of the bond forged within those British prison walls: ‘I aim to show that EOKA and the IRA were not merely internal affairs for their countries, but a wider revolutionary effort that is recorded among international liberation movements.” He goes on: ‘I want to clarify that these are not just ordinary relationships, but long lasting and true friendship, built upon the solid ground of common goals, ideological convictions and deep concern for human values everywhere.’ Vias Livadas was a true champion of the international struggle against imperialism.

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RSF reject Orwellian Card Plans for Welfare

A PROPOSAL to collect biometric data of persons claiming social welfare benefits in the 26-Counties in an effort to create a State identity card has been criticised by Republican Sinn Féin. This was included as one of the recommendations in the first report from the Leinster House “Joint Committee on Social & Family Affairs”.

The Committee further discuss whether a biometric card for social welfare recipients could develop into a State identity card. It will contain biometric data including the holder's fingerprints. They have called for the development of such a card to be “fast-tracked as a priority measure”.

It is clear that the proposed card is not really about preventing welfare “fraud” but is actually an attempt to bring an identity card in through the back door in an increasingly Orwellian society. Such a card would inevitably be used to monitor every activity – public and private – of all individuals within the 26-County State and beyond.

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RSF Vice President addresses SIPTU conference

THE Vice President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton addressed the Centenary Biennial National Conference of Ireland’s largest trade union SIPTU on October 9 in Tralee Co Kerry. The subject of his address was the murder of trade union activists by the US-backed regime in Columbia.

“Columbia’s history has been marked by two overriding factors: 1. Social and economic relations based on inequality, exploitation and exclusion. 2. State violence employed by those with economic power over working men and women and the poor to acquire and control resources.

“Columbia’s military policy is based on the so-called ‘National Security Doctrine’ which is geared not towards defence from an external enemy but against the people of Columbia.

“Today 60 percent of trade unionists murdered internationally are Columbian.

“The murder of trade unionists in Columbia is part of the worldwide war to impose the neo-liberal economic model. Whilst the extreme repression experience by the people of Columbia do not prevail here we should not fool ourselves we are not locked in the same war to protect and advance the rights of working men and women against the same forces.” Des Dalton said.

Earlier at the conference he met exiled Columbian trade union lawyer Miguel Puerto of the International Centre of Trade Union Rights.

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Lisbon result: 'More power to Brussels, less in Ireland' -- Ó Brádaigh

Statement from Ruairí Ó Brádaigh, President, Republican Sinn Féin

The result of the Lisbon referendum in the 26 Counties makes for further integration into the EU, that is more power to Brussels and less power in Ireland.

The current economic recession was harnessed by the Yes advocates to stir up the fears of the people. Massive resources were deployed at home and abroad and false promises made of "jobs" and "recovery" by simply voting Yes.

The reason for such a massive swing in sixteen months towards the Yes side was the fear about the economy and the doubling of unemployment since the last Lisbon referendum.

A major contributory factor to the boom and the corruption which accompanied it was the ceding of control of interest rate policies to the WU.

The entire print media were unashamedly pro-Treaty in a vote which was not about EU membership. Will those who promoted Yes not deliver on their promises of jobs and recovery and will the compliant media hold them to their commitments?

I wish to express gratitude to all Republican Sinn Féin members and supporters who worked hard to oppose this tightening of the EU grip on Ireland.

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EU state comes closer to fruition

REPUBLICAN Sinn Féin congratulates the 33% of the electorate in the 26-Counties who refused to be bought by the outright lies of the “Yes” side in the repeat Lisbon referendum.

Once again the 26-County state has shown that by ignoring the will of its people they can achieve their desired outcome. Furthermore, on this occasion, campaigners for a “No” vote were denied equal coverage in the media. This was coupled with advertisements from the Referendum Commission which were clearly favourable to the “Yes” side. Despite widespread criticism of the Iranian Presidential election, a compliant media is prepared to ignore coercion of voters by the EU and its subordinates.

EU Commission President Barroso previously described the EU as an “Empire”, and it is clear that without intervention all Nations within the EU are set to become stateless.

Great responsibility lies with Czech President Vaclav Klaus to ensure that this does not happen. He must defend the voiceless throughout the EU and refuse to sign this death-warrant for nation-states.

It should also be noted that Brian Lenihan has admitted that talk of job-creation and economic recovery in the event of a “Yes” vote was a lie. And despite claims that it was in the interests of democracy to allow voters to change their mind, there is no suggestion that they will again be allowed to adjudicate on the EU Constitution under the guise of the Lisbon Treaty.

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