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Wicklow County Council Condemned

Republican Sinn Fein in Wicklow wishes to highlight an issue which has been brought to our attention in recent weeks. Residents and visitors of Wicklow town have approached us at their wits end with the unsatisfactory situation at hand.
The quays and piers in the town are very popular among tourists and locals alike. Walkers, sailors, fishing enthusiasts and people who just come to take in the areas natural beauty are among the many people who frequent the area daily. However this popular area is being tarnished and polluted at the hands of inept local authorities.
The port for a considerable time now has been exporting "refuse derived fuel" to Germany. At one stage 1,800 tonnes of this waste were being stored in the port. Foul smells from the quay have been reported by many people in the area. Local councillors last January claimed "these smells have been eliminated". However this is a total fallacy. People frequenting the area are often been forced to leave with the foul smell.
Wicklow County Council have "passed the buck" so to speak, to the EPA in regard to the policing of the waste that is stored in the port. They have been tasked with "minimising the odour in the port". Clearly they are not fulfilling their brief in this regard and they are causing serious damage not just environmentally but also economically to the area. Tourists and visitors are not staying around and in turn they are not spending their money in the town.
Ironically, just a few miles outside the town a landfill which accepts 150,000 tonnes of waste each year, is in operation for the last number of years.  Also causing serious odour problems.  We of Republican Sinn Fein in Wicklow ask the question "is it fitting to call Wicklow the garden of Ireland anymore?". A county which boasts amazing natural beauty is been let down badly by those who claim they are there to protect it.

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